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Despite the drop in profits should the measure have been approved, an actual shutdown was unlikely, speculated CNET, which pointed out Wednesday that Apple has sold some 160 million iPods and more than 5 billion songs to date, and it would be foolish to leave all those iPod owners with nothing to download.

"No party got everything it wanted, yet at the end of the day, the certainty provided by this ruling is beneficial," Recording Industry Association of America chairman Mitch Bainwol said in a statement to CNN.

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Our first day was in Beaumont. It's part of the Golden Triangle — Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange. It's pretty much one place; when people in Orange get affected, people in Beaumont and Port Arthur feel it. A lot of the people in those towns work in the refineries, which is one of the main industries in the Golden Triangle. This whole area, the people there, they were some of UGK's first supporters. These are the first places we did shows, first places we sold music. So it was really important for me to come down here and make sure people were OK. It's not about if I know them personally — I know their struggle. We all went through the same thing. If you come from this area, everybody has pretty much lived the same way of life.

When we visited Beaumont, it was 10 days out from when the storm hit, and people were just getting back home. We went to the Beaumont Athletic Complex where the buses full of evacuees were dropping people back from all over Texas — San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and smaller places like Tyler, Sunrise, even northern Louisiana. They had to get their stuff off that main bus and then hop on a smaller bus that would take them to their neighborhood. For some people, this was the second time in a month they had to evacuate — Hurricane Gustav was expected to hit these cities too. Most of the people we met were still somewhat in a state of shock from it all. They didn't really know the extent of the damage to their homes. They hadn't seen their houses, didn't know about their cars or whether their place of employment was still standing. Can you imagine if your job wasn't there when you got back? You don't have money to start over, and you don't have a job to go back to so you can make money to start over. It can really throw you off, to say the least.

Some of the people we saw were understandably frustrated. They had been displaced for 10-14 days, and the uncertainty of it all was probably too much for anyone to handle, let alone if you're someone with children or trying to take care of your family. I don't want to discredit anyone — FEMA and a lot of the city and state agencies did a decent job getting people organized and getting people on buses out of town. A lot of lives were most likely saved. But I'm not exactly sure how far their plans extended once they did get them out of town. Maybe they were thinking they'd have evacuees for three, four days at most. I don't think they were thinking of having people for one to two weeks.

"I won't let people disrespect me," she told Metal File last week, just days before In This Moment's sophomore LP, The Dream, hit stores. "I've been onstage and I've had people harass me, and if it gets to be too much, I just have security usher them out. [Last fall's] Megadeth tour was probably the most challenging for me, as far as learning how to deal with an aggressive crowd. Most of the crowds we played to were 95 percent male, and the drunker they got, the louder they got."

And, apparently, the cruder they got. Brink — who by most men's standards is a bona fide knockout — said she's learned to deal with the rude hand gestures she's often met with when she takes the stage. She's also learned to block out the boorish comments guys toss her way. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, hasn't — and he's been known to take care of business from time to time.

"I've been onstage and guys have yelled, 'Show me your t--s, bi---,' and I've been able to ignore them, but then I see my boyfriend plowing through the crowd, into the pit, attacking somebody, and I'm trying to sing, and he's on top of someone, and I'm singing and I'm terrified," she explained of her beau, DevilDriver bassist Jon Miller. "He definitely doesn't take too kindly to people sexually harassing me when I'm onstage. On the Megadeth tour, some guy in the crowd said something, and I stopped the show to have him kicked out. I remember the next day, [Megadeth frontman] Dave Mustaine wanted to have a meeting with me, because he'd heard about what had happened, and he told me I was 100 percent right. He told me to tell the crowd that Dave Mustaine would kick their ass if they stepped out of line, and that was pretty awesome."

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The show won eight Tony awards, including Best Musical and inspired the 2007 movie, which was based more on the Broadway production than the original 1988 John Waters film.

If Britney Spears' performance at last year's VMAs was a bad omen for her subsequent release of Blackout, it stands to reason that Brit's new album may be as promising as her successful appearance at the 2008 VMAs. And the producers of her new work in progress assure us that's the case.


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